EN: leader of vegan raw and bulk materials, producer and engros wholesale for the nutraceutical industry
production and trade with leading market prices
ES: líder de materiales veganos crudos y a granel, productor y engros al por mayor para la industria nutracéutica
producción y comercio con precios de mercado líderes

FR: leader des matières végétales brutes et en vrac, producteur et engros de gros pour l'industrie nutraceutique
production et commerce avec les principaux prix du marché

RU: лидер вегетарианских сырых и сыпучих материалов, производитель и engros оптом для нутрицевтической промышленностипроизводство и торговля с ведущими рыночными ценами
CN: 素食原料和散装材料的领导者,保健食品行业的生产商和英国批发商

bulk vegan + vegetarian algae dha softgel capsules
200mg DHA algal oil softvegecaps
100% renewable plant resources
100% respect for the environment - no fish must die
100% vegetarian and vegan
100% non-gmo algae oil and vegetarian softgels
100% made in switzerland

health benefits
200-DHA is a dietary supplement. the active omega-3 fatty acid DHA supports functions of the human body to maintain its health.
DHA contributes to a normal development and growth of the organism. omega-3 essential fatty acids are built into the cell membranes and are necessary for their construction and their function. omega-3 fatty acids have an effect on blood lipid regulation.
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